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The THING about Volume Tweezers

I think many of you would agree with me when I say one of the most frustrating thing about creating VOLUME FANS is trying to find the right VOLUME TWEEZER! As if the entire process isn’t hard enough, most of us are on a quest to find the perfect tweezer to create our fans.

Here are some tips that might help you before you continue to spend lots of $$$$ just to breathe out a deep breath of disappointment when putting them to the test.

Tension in the tips:

When testing our Volume Tweezers I’m looking for the tweezers that close 100% of the way at the tips. They should have a nice spring to them and not be too stiff or too loose. I find it helpful if the tips are on the sharper pointier side. So, why do most Volume Tweezers let the extensions slide through the tips when picking up four or more extensions? The most common reason is that you are lightening up on the tension causing one or more of the lashes to slip through. If you concentrate on squeezing the tips a tad bit tighter and holding it from the creation of the fan to the application on the natural lash you will see a huge difference in your tweezers performance. It is very easy to loosen the grip without even knowing it. The slightest opening will allow your Volume Fans to crisscross or move sideways. Ugg, right? So, so maddening!

Sweet Spot:

All tweezers have them even if they close all the way. When you test your new pair of Volume tweezers, test them by creating some fans and noting where they work best. We all have different preferences, I like tweezers that grab well at the end of the tip! Something to remember is that if you are not working with quality lashes, they will vary in diameter. This will cause some to grab and the thinner ones will slide out because the tweezer will tighten around the thicker lashes allowing the slightly thinner ones to slide through. The most reputable eyelash extension manufacturers will not guarantee that anything smaller than a .07 will be uniform. This means using .05’s and below will be more difficult to get a good grab with any tweezer! I’m not saying don’t use .05’s for Volume, I’m just saying be patient and realize it may not be your tweezers that you used yesterday on .07’s and loved!

Angle of attack:

When I test tweezers and they grab perfectly, but seem to twist the fan sideways I try going in to grab the fans at a different angle and it usually works great. Some of these have turned out to be my favorite tweezers. I personally still prefer to grab at a 90 degree angle, and have the tweezer grab the fan straight. I test for the even straight grab at a 90 degree angle for our store.

New Lash Savvy Volume Tweezers:

If you have a certain preference, please call us or email and describe to us what you are looking for. Examples would be; loose or stiff tension, pointy fine tip or thicker rounded tip. If you are local you can arrange a time to come in and test some tweezers before you purchase to get the right fit for you! 

We offer 100% guarantee on our VOLUME TWEEZERS! If you are not satisfied, let us know within 10 days from purchase and we will send you a return label. You will be able to either exchange or get a refund.

Tweezer Tip of the Day:

Have a draw full of Volume Tweezers that don’t work? Use them to apply those inner and outer lashes! They work great to get in to those tough angles by the nose!

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