Sep 24th 2022


    Fall is officially coming! As Lash Artists, what do we dread most about FALL? Yes, that’s right, FALL SHEDDING! Today, we’re sharing why this happens and what you as a Lash Artist can do to keep your…

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  • Understanding Eyelash Extension Glues

    Nov 2nd 2021

    Understanding Eyelash Extension Glues

    Lash Glues are made from "cyanoacrylate," and the following formulation is typically used:90% ~ 95% of Cyanoacrylate5% ~ 10% of compounds such as thickener, hardening accelerator, black pigment, or st…

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    May 9th 2021


    MSDS CLARIFICATION FOR YOUR SPA/SALONAre material safety data sheets (MSDS) required for a non-hazardous chemicals such as EYE-PADS and other products we actively use on our clients? OS…

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  • How long does eyelash adhesive last?

    Jan 9th 2021

    How long does eyelash adhesive last?

    How Long Does Eyelash Adhesive Last?I know it can be confusing when different lash extension supply brands say different expiry dates! But at Lash Savvy, as a manufacturer of lash adhesives for the la…

    Published by Lorri Axelsen - BL Lash credit

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  • 2020 LASH TRENDS

    Jan 18th 2020

    2020 LASH TRENDS

    Salon Today, recently reported that lash extension services are thriving and will continue to grow in 2020. As eyelash extensions continue to be a popular service it's important to keep up with the ne…

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  • How to Take Care of Your Adhesive

    Nov 6th 2019

    How to Take Care of Your Adhesive

    How to Properly Care for Lash Extension AdhesiveExtension Adhesive. These two small yet mighty words are what make or break the retention of a set of lashes (and your business, too).A good quality las…

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  • Pre-Made Volume Fans - yes or no?

    Jan 26th 2019

    Pre-Made Volume Fans - yes or no?

    Many lash artists have spent numerous hours perfecting their VOLUME LASH skills. For some, the ability to create volume fans comes quickly after a few months of practicing. For others the struggle is…

    Published by Lash Savvy

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  • Eyelash Glue & Problem Solving

    Jan 6th 2018

    Eyelash Glue & Problem Solving

    Ahhh it’s winter and another change of season. What does this mean for your lash glue?Every year around this time we start getting calls about retention from new lash techs. The more experienced tec…

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  • ​The THING about Volume Tweezers

    Feb 21st 2017

    ​The THING about Volume Tweezers

    The THING about Volume TweezersI think many of you would agree with me when I say one of the most frustrating thing about creating VOLUME FANS is trying to find the right VOLUME TWEEZER! As if the e…

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