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Volume Training

Prerequisite: Classic Certification or at least 6 months experience in applying individual extensions

Volume Class 2 Hour of Theory / 4 Hours of Practical (6 hours total) Classroom

$725 Training fee kit is included

The latest technique of the ongoing eyelash extension phenomenon has arrived in the United

States. Volume Lash Extensions promises to pump up the volume and the glam-factor of eyelashes

everywhere. Volume Lash Extensions is the latest development in eyelash technology sweeping

across the globe and game a changer in the beauty world.

With traditional lash extensions we could only safely attach one eyelash extension to each of your

single natural lashes. This can be very disappointing if you have few natural lashes yet desire a fuller

look. Lash Savvy's Volume Lashes are designed to provide clients with the increased volume they

are demanding, but in a way that does not overload or damage the natural lashes. We can increase

the number of eyelash extensions up to six times the natural lashes.

Volume lashes are superfine and incredibly lightweight and 2-6 lashes can be applied per natural

lash to create amazing volume on any type of eyelash. By applying 2-6 of our finest lashes on each

natural lash, artists are able to create sets of 200-700 lashes per eye. The lack of weight in the

extensions also means that they are healthier for the natural lashes and with proper care can

actually last longer than classic extensions.

Volume Class

• Sanitation

• Client Preparation including cleansing, priming and gel pad application

• Lash Savvy’s Multi-lashing Theory with Silky Minks Volume Lashes

• How to use our L/45 tweezers to pick up (2D-4D) volume fans with (0.10, 0.07 diameters)

• How to choose appropriate fullness and diameters

• How to ensure clients lash health remains optimal at every fill appointment

• How to determine fan spacing

• How to dip volume fans in Lash Savvy adhesive to keep them open

• Isolation

• Different attachment techniques for difficult lashes

• How adhesives work and lash adhesive myths

• Theory on nano misters - no more waiting 24 hours to get lashes wet

• How to do fill appointments

• How to remove fans or a full set with Lash Savvy Gel Remover

• Mixing our Silky Minks curl-types

• Volume lashing vs damaging Y/W lashes and flares/tabs/semis

• Layer lifting

• Correcting gaps in the lash line with our .07 and .10 Silky Minks

• Basic corrections and eyelash design

• Determining eye types & eye design

• Volume lashing vs Classic lashing


Hourly Schedule for Day 1

Theory: 9:00 -11:00

Mannequin work: 11 :00 -12:00

Lunch: 12:00 - 12:30

Work on live model: 12:30 - 4:30