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Volume Training



By learning how to “pick- up” and “fan" multiple ultra-fine lashes we can create what is known as VOLUME FANS. Unlike Classic extensions, we create a volume set of lashes by placing these “fans”of ultra-fine lashes on one natural lash. This enables us to add a lot more fullness to our clients natural lashes than ever before.

Students must hold a current Professional Esthetic or Cosmetologist license and be Classic Lash certified. Lash Savvy's One Day Volume Training Course is designed for the beginner Volume student.


    What's Included?

  • A FREE pair of hand tested Medical Grade Dumont 7SP Volume Tweezers valued at $59.00

  • A FREE Student Kit that provides the professional application supplies required for your hands-on practice at the training

  • FREE access to Lash Savvy's online Volume Course and Training Manual before and after class attendance

  • 15% off all professional application supplies and lash extension compatible aftercare cosmetic and retail products ordered at your training


Certification Objectives

  • Client consultations for pre, post application & after care
  • Deciding proper lash calculations
  • Minimizing damage to natural eyelashes
  • Maintaining a clean, organized and sanitary work area
  • Consequences of overloading the natural lashes
Volume Techniques using Ultra-Fine Lashes
  • On the strip pull method
  • Foam tape method
  • Pick up and place on strip method
  • How to space Volume lash extensions
  • Creating Hybrid lash extension sets
  • Vertical & horizontal separation
  • Mixing curls & lengths
  • Russian vs American Volume
Student Practice on Mannequin
  • Students practice on Mannequin
  • Students complete 3 hours on live model
 Re-lash Applications
  • Client appointments and determining how long between re-lashes
  • How to clean & prep before Volume re-lash
  • Effectively removing and filling in with fans
  • How to determine retention, adhesive, tweezers and other issues
Volume Products, Tool & Supplies
  • How Volume adhesives work, choosing Volume tweezers & ultra-fine lashes
Evaluation, Feedback & Mentorship
  • A highly skilled instructor will assist you through the application process 
  • Feedback and evaluation of before and after submittals 
  • Access to www.lashsavvyonline.com for reference guide 
A Lash Savvy instructor will be evaluating you on the following:
  • Consultation
  • Prepping & placement of eye pads for the Volume application
  • Posture of  lash-tech and position of client & clients comfort
  • Ability to determine proper diameter, curl and length for fans
  • Demonstrating 2D, 3D with one of the fanning methods
  • Being able to properly isolate the natural lashes
  • After care instructions
  • Consent & consolation 
  • Must he able to pick up, dip fan, and attach fans - Removal of fans
    • No eyelashes or fans stuck together 
    • Volume fans are attached without loose bases
    • Volume fans are placed no more than 1mm from the eyelid
    • Volume fans properly placed on the Top, Bottom, Side or Candy Caned to the natural lashes
    • Bases are straight and lashes are not crossed
 Certification Requirements
Complete Lash Savvy's online Volume course prior to attending hands on training. Students will demonstrate the following during their 3 hour eyelash extension application when they attend the hands on class.
  • Make at least 15 3D fans on your live model
  • Majority of your fans must be proper V’s and evenly spaced
  • You must demonstrate good isolation and bonding skills and show an ability to make volume fans correctly.
  • Proper length transitioning 
  • Pass an open book test using the Lash Savvy training manual