THE BEST GLUE IS FRESH GLUE! Understanding Cyanoacrylate...

THE BEST GLUE IS FRESH GLUE! Understanding Cyanoacrylate...

Published by Lash Savvy on Mar 30th 2019

Do not purchase EYELASH GLUE in bulk or stockpile for future use EVER!

Because eyelash glues are so strong and fast-acting, they all have a short shelf-life and should only be purchased when needed. Specifically, they have an average shelf life of one month once the glue has been opened. It’s best to open immediately after you purchase. Lash Savvy makes our glue monthly to ensure that our customers receive the freshest glue possible. Rule of thumb; open and use within two months of manufacturing date. This means we allow for one month on our shelf and a month for our customers to use. If you are part time and don't open your glue every day or many times a day it is safe to use the glue up to 45 days after opening. One bottle per month =  approximately the cost of a re-lash. This is the best senario for all eyelash glues. 

General purpose cyanoacrylates such as Super Glue or Crazy Glue have an unopened shelf life of between 6 -12 months depending on the brand, however for use during the application of eyelash extensions this doesn’t apply.

Cyanoacrylate adhesive is the industrial chemical name for what is commonly called “Eyelash Glue” or Eyelash Adhesive" In fact, the term cyanoacrylate glue generally describes quick-bonding short shelf life super glues. Black coloring of some sort is added to Cyanoacrylate which is normally clear to produce what you know as your “Eyelash Glue”.

There are several types of cyanoacrylate used for making eyelash glue. Ethyl cyanoacrylate is the most popular used for the eyelash industry.

How It Works

Cyanoacrylate glue is composed of an acrylic resin. The main ingredient in cyanoacrylate glues, is cyanoacrylate which is an acrylic monomer that transforms to a plastic state after curing.

When any amount of moisture is present, the molecules in the cyanoacrylate glue will react with the moisture on the lash and in the air to form tight chains in between the natural lash and the extension. This reaction generates heat and occurs instantly.

Cyanoacrylates can only bond with a natural lash when there is moisture present. This means if the cyanoacrylate glue is placed on a perfectly dry lash, it will not stick to the lash or form a bond. Adding moisture to the natural lashes or priming during the prepping process will help the glue to bond with the natural lash if the extension doesn’t seem to be sticking.

Just like a person’s hair on their head can become extremely dry in winter or summer months, eyelashes can as well. Keeping hydrated and recommending aftercare that promotes not only the cleaning of but conditioning of the eyelashes is important to maintain moisture. Baby shampoo is commonly used to clean lash extensions because it will not harm the adhesive – but it’s extremely drying and therefore Lash Savvy recommends aftercare products that are specifically created for eyelash extensions. Lash Savvy’s Makeup Removers Pads are an excellent choice for cleaning and conditioning. They are easy to use and will condition your clients lashes while keeping their extensions clean. 

The Curing Process

Not understanding the curing process can have adverse effects on your retention. Curing is an important process for your glue.

Curing is defined as the process where a chemical reaction takes place to form harder and tougher linkages in a chemical substance. For most eyelash glues this process will only occur at specific temperatures and humidity levels. Most eyelash adhesives work best between 68-72 degrees and 45-65 percent humidity. Anything over or under is not within optimal conditions and will cause slower curing speeds. Adding moisture with a Nano Mist Sprayer can help with the humidity by directly adding a fine mist of moisture to the lashes. Be cautious not to over mist! Over misting will cause blooming which is when excess cyanoacrylate monomers vaporize reacting with moisture from the Nano Mist Sprayer. This is the white residue that looks like pieces of cotton you often see on the extensions bonded with a cyanoacrylate that’s been over misted.

As mentioned above, curing for cyanoacrylate glues is facilitated by the presence of moisture and occurs almost instantly at ambient temperatures. So, when working within the recommended temperature and humidity levels using a Nano Mist Sprayer is not needed or recommended.  

Potential Retention Problems

Assuming that your application is flawless, meaning you are experienced enough to make sure you are applying to clean lashes and all the bases of your extensions are properly attached - retention issues most commonly arise when your adhesive is old. If you are using a bottle that you just purchased there is a chance that it’s not fresh and the company you purchased it from orders every three to six months instead of monthly.

There are big discounts for ordering higher quantities. Every adhesive manufacture states that their glues have a six month shelf life. But, remember cyanoacrylate used for eyelash extensions is best used within a total of two months from the date it was made. This is due to the wear and tear it goes through on your clients lashes. Cyanoacrylates used to bond other objects are not subject to daily washing, sleeping, growth, hot tubs, saunas, exercise and all the activities of being human.

Fresh eyelash glue is probably the most important part of the application process and without your glue being fresh you will experience poorer retention. Have you ever bought glue for the first time and loved it only to repeat the purchase the following month and not get the same results? Same adhesive, but when it gets older it doesn’t work the same! This is why Lash Savvy orders monthly and why we stand by our adhesives, unlike a lot of lash companies.

The other thing that can degrade eyelash glue is extreme exposure to heat or cold during shipping and how you store the glue after you receive it. Some glue can be kept in the refrigerator and some cannot. Be sure to ask your lash company what they recommend.

There are only so many ways to manufacture eyelash glue. Many companies are selling the same glue with different private labels. Price ranges vary and the most expensive isn’t a guarantee it’s the best. The BEST GLUE is FRESH GLUE! If you are adhesive hopping due to poor retention issues you can solve your problem by ordering from a company that stands by their glues and orders fresh batches monthly. Consistency is key!

Happy lashing!

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