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Includes Professional Kit

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You must hold a license in Esthetics or Cosmetology or enrolled as a student.

Our goal at Lash Savvy is to make sure you receive the training you need to become proficient in lash extensions. Once you train with us you may come back as often as you need to any scheduled like class for up to one year.

Our Classic Eyelash Extensions class is designed for beginners. Classic extensions enhance your client's appearance by applying individual lashes to their natural lashes using one extension applied to one natural lash. Lash Savvy products are the most current and finest quality available on the market.

During the course you will learn in-depth knowledge about our semi-permanent lashes, our application techniques, products, and tools to important information about health, safety and aftercare. Our curriculum includes a combination of theory and practical work as well as case studies to complete at home. 

Our Educators are some of the most experienced instructors in the business and they will prepare you to start building your lash career.


Class Requirements

  • Must be a licensed Esthetician/Cosmetologist or enrolled as a student
  • Student must be 18 years old
  • Steady hands
  • Good close up vision

What to Expect

You will learn how to apply eyelash extensions using high quality products and the best techniques in the industry through real-life practice. You will learn the science behind adhesives and other extension products. We will cover all aspects of the eyelash industry including good business practices, how to build a clientele and marketing techniques.


Support & Mentorship

After you train with us we offer continued support by phone, email or FaceTime. Our trainers will offer positive feedback if you opt to send us your "Before & After" photos of your work. Students may repeat the course anytime within the year free of charge with sufficient notice.

Lash Savvy's Classic Course will lead you to success as a lash artist through continued education and mentorship.


 Professional Kit Contents: 


  • Adhesive - OMG!
  • 100ct Oval Adhesive Rings
  • 1-  Curved SS Isolating Tweezer
  • 1- LS 7sp
  • 1- Straight SS Tweezers
  • 1- Lash Pick up Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Gel Remover
  • Lash Bath
  • 10ct Ultra Thins
  • 10ct Gel Pads
  • Primer
  • Cure & Seal Bonder
  • Flat Matte  C-Curl .15 Mixed 7mm-15mm
  • Flat Matte CC-Curl .15 Mixed 7mm-15mm
  • Flat Matte C-Curl .20Mixed 7mm -15mm
  • CC-Curl .15 Mixed 7mm -15mm
  • USB Fan
  • Blue Silicone
  • 50 Flocked Applicators
  • 100ct Micro Brushes - Pink
  • 50 ct Pink Mascara Wands
  • 25 Aftercare Cards
  • Pink Lash Tile







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