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Classic Training

Beginner Classic 3 Hours of Theory / 7 Hours of Practical (10 hrs total) Classroom

$650.00 Training fee plus kit

Choice of Bare Basic Kit $160.00 or Professional Kit $375 (for items in the kits click here)

If you don't have any previous eyelash extension training, certifications or you need a refresher

course then our Beginner Classic Course is right for you Lash Savvy eyelash extension certification

teaches the fundamentals of individual eyelash extensions. This program is ideal for those looking

to add the application of eyelash extensions to their service menu. As the eyelash industry grows,

Eyelash Extension Only salons are popping up in cities nationwide.

Your course will be taught by advanced master Lash Artists that have been trained by the best in

the industry. Not only do they have the training behind them, all have worked in the industry for

numerous years. They implement real life work experiences in the lash industry to their class

instruction. Class sizes are kept small, typically four to six students to one teacher to ensure every

student gains valuable one on one time with the teacher each session. With hands on training and

extensive of one on one attention you will gain the knowledge to go out on your own and hone the

new skill of applying eyelash extensions. Your Lash Savvy lash extension certification will grant you a

level of skill and knowledge that clients are looking for.


Beginner Classic Training

•Eyelash Anatomy & Physiology

•Eyelash Disorders

• Three Phases of Lash Growth

•Safety and Sanitation


•How to Determine Lash Length

•How to Determine Lash Curl

•Lash Selection & Shapes

•Correct Working Position


•Upper Lash Application

•Re-lash Application Procedure

•Examples of poor eyelash extension applications

•Removal of Extension/Single Lash

•Removal of Full Set


• What Clients Can Expect

•Our Adhesives

• Benefits of Fine Grade Adhesives

•Optimum Results & Viscosity

•Humidity & Temperature

•Products & Tools

•Retail & Marketing Materials

•Customer Care

•Record of Treatment Plan

•Record of Client

•Choosing the Best Look

•Common Reasons Lashes Fall Off



•Marketing & Business

Schedule for Day 1

Practical Application Skills : 9:00 - 12:00

Lunch: 12:00 - 1:00

Work on mannequin & model: 1:00 - 5:00

Day Two -Theory 9:00 - 12:00