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Lash Savvy’s Beginnings After falling in love with my eyelash extensions in 2009 I just knew the lash industry was going to explode soon. I decided to open Colorado Springs first lash only salon in 2010. Feeling frustrated at the lack of quality lash products   and training at reasonable prices, I decided to start an eyelash product supply company a year later. Lash Savvy's success is based on bringing affordable, high quality, long-lasting products to the table as well as having an exceptional training program. I have always focused on building customer relationships - going above and beyond to help the new and experienced lash artists with whatever they may need. Early on Lash Savvy recognized what was missing in the market and created a business model that solved this need for numerous lash professionals.

Become Part of the Lash Savvy Family

With so many different lash companies competing for your attention, we aim to stand above the rest. Our team cares about the quality of our product and the training of our lash artists. We are obsessed with creating an experience that encourages customer   loyalty.  At the end of the day, we know how valuable it is to offer expert training and top notch products.

 A Brand You Can Trust

We put a high level of care into our five different adhesives, two are medical grade adhesives made in Europe, the four others are manufactured in Korea with the finest cosmetic grade materials in the industry. When you wear eyelash extensions, a high-quality adhesive makes the difference between something long-lasting — and something that’s not worth your money. We make our adhesives every month to ensure they are always fresh. Because eyelash adhesive can be very sensitive to heat and cold we offer an array of shipping options to avoid exposure depending on the season.

Our products have all been tested by our lash specialists on their clients, ensuring that they stick and stay! Every new product is tested for at least three months to ensure its quality. We encourage open communication with our techs throughout the entire process. This means we can give the consumer a sense of ease knowing that if something seems off or the quality is less than expected we can make the adjustments needed to fix it.

Eyelash technician training is an area where we really stand out. We offer classes that are small and personalized so that we can provide in-depth training and the newest techniques to all of our students. Students are encouraged to come back and repeat the class for free, for up to a year.

Eyelashes are more popular now than ever!

As the world of lash extensions is growing, now is the perfect time to jump on board! We have made training to become an eyelash tech affordable and flexible.

Being an eyelash tech has so many perks! This isn’t just a job — it can be a lifestyle. Salons and Spas are in high demand for trained professional eyelash techs more than ever before.

Intrigued, but you’re probably wondering — what about the pay? As we’ve already alluded to, eyelash extensions are really taking off as a beauty trend. Lash techs can make upwards of $50,000 to over $100,000 a year if they have the proper skills and training. Earning top dollars in this industry is why where you get your training can be so crucial to your success.

Beautiful Balance Between High Quality Products and Insightful Training 

Our Classic and Volume courses are hands-on, balancing theory and practical work. Our courses are also offered as private training classes for those looking for a one-on-one environment.

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