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At Lash Savvy Corp., we are always striving to help our customers be “SAVVY”. Not only with our prices, but with our knowledge. Knowledge means that you the stylist can be the best you can be! The best at making smarter business choices, the best at providing your clients exactly what they request. Being the best will increase your ‘SAVVINESS” and your wallet.

As part of our “SAVVIEST” business decision ever; Lash Savvy is offering our Online Volume Course risk free. This means no payment is required to take our online volume course. It’s simple, all you need is an Esthetician or Cosmetology license and a copy of your Classic Lash certification.

Finally, a “SAVVIER” way to train. You can complete our entire course for free, no credit card required! If you decided to go through the certification process, you pay $249.00 to receive the training manual and trainer mentorship throughout the process.


What's included if I decide to become Lash Savvy Volume Certified? 

Click here, to check out the contents of the Volume Online Course.

You’ll receive our VOLUME step by step training manual and one of our trainer's email addresses and phone number so you are able to ask as many questions as you would like. You will be provided feedback on all before and after photos that you choose to send us and we’ll offer tips and advice to help you with your volume technique. In addition, you will receive a 15% off code for anything volume related.

What am I required to do to receive a certificate in Volume Lashing from Lash Savvy?

 1. To earn your certification in Volume Lashing you will need to submit the following case studies. Before and after photographs must be close up. Four photographs are required for each case study. One before photo from above and three after photos – one from above, one face on and one from the side.

 2. A short video of you making at least 15 3D fan and attaching it to a sponge, mannequin or live model.

  • Before and after’s must show at least 75% coverage of the natural lashes.
  • Majority of your fans must be proper V’s and evenly spaced according to the training videos. You must demonstrate good isolation and bonding skills and show an ability to make volume fans correctly.
  • Proper length transitioning is important. 

When you have completed your practice studies please label the images (i.e. volumeset1, volumeset2) and email them, along with a copy of your classic lashing qualification to If you prefer to use drop box please email me the link.

Please let me know the exact name you would like your certificate to be issued to.

Lash Savvy holds a Certificate of Approval through the Board of Professional Occupation Schools in Colorado. The DPOS is regulated by the Department of Higher Education. US students can gain insurance through Associated Skincare Professionals. For all other countries please check with your insurer.


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