Jan 18th 2020

Salon Today, recently reported that lash extension services are thriving and will continue to grow in 2020. As eyelash extensions continue to be a popular service it's important to keep up with the newest trends.

As saturated as the LASH industry is you'll want to stand out by creating signature textured styles for your clients. New ideas and updated skills can boost your income and help to grow your lash business.

Staying relevant and mastering the latest lash trends will put you on top of your game.

Texturizing your work

Photo credit: @lashesbybrooklynlauzon

Symmetrically perfect mega volume is on its way out. In 2020 its all about texturizing your work. Clients are looking for more expressive designs.

Mixing many curls, diameters and multiple lengths with wide volume fans is a great way to attain the textured feathery look. Whether you use hand made volume fans or pre-made fans - its all about adding them to individual lashes across the lash line.

Add some spikes
Above photo credit: @lashedby_erikaa

Classic spiked sets are becoming a very popular sought after look.

Using flat lashes will give a more bold look. You can mixed with volume fans for more texture and density.

Lash maps credit: lessonsinlashes

If you want to make the spikes look fuller without using volume fans you can stack the lashes. Using a shorter finer lash like a 0.07 or 0.10, you can attach it at an angle on the base of the lashes.

The diagram shows one of the spikes, essentially you need halve it and then mirror the other side. So, on the longest lashes, stack them so the lashes face each other and then work outwards from there.

You can use 0.07 or 0.10s that are the same size or slightly longer than the lash you are stacking or reduce the length and weight but attach it further up the lash.

Pre-made volume fans

Pre-made volume fans are probably the most controversial lash industry topic entering into 2020! Our prediction is that they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Time is money for both the client and stylist - pre-made fans fill the gap between the higher cost of hand made volume fans and the amount of time it takes to apply them. Pre-made volume fans can be attached in approximately the same time as classic lash extensions allowing the stylist to charge a reasonable price.

Pre-made volume fans come in 0.05 and 0.07 3D,4D,5D,6D,7D,8D and 10D.

Ideal for lash artists who are not yet volume lash trained or are working on it. As long as every lash is separated vertically and horizontally leaving no stickies behind, and the weight of the fan is not too heavy for the natural lash they are safe to use. Our Pre-made fans are heat bonded and carefully designed to come off the strip quickly. They are made from high-quality PBT which means they will hold their curl throughout the life of the lash.

  • Short stem to closely resemble hand made fans
  • 20 rows per tray
  • Double heat bonded so the fan won't fall apart when taking them off the strip
  • No glue residue at the base of the fan
  • Comes off from the lash strip easily
  • Made with the highest quality PBT material

Tips for retention: Dip the fan, so you get a bead of glue. When placing on the natural lash apply pressure onto the natural lash base until the adhesive sets. Let go of the fan only after you are sure that the adhesive has dried enough that the fan doesn't slightly tilt forward causing a loose base. With the side of your tweezer smooth out any excess glue from the bead of glue if there is any. Fans can be applied to the underneath, side or on top.

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