Lash Savvy's Pre-made Volume Fans (another term for Pro-made Volume Fans) Trays are hande-made with high quality Korean PBT. They are very flexible, black, not stiff or plastic feeling. 
All of Lash Savvy's  Pre-made fans are all laid out in a row. This allows for you to stay organized and neat. 

 Our customers describe our Pre-made Fans as having the best qualities of Korean synthetic mink and silk lashes compared to others they have tried; combining the soft, fluffy, lightweight nature of mink lashes yet the feel of silk lashes. These Pre-mades  fans will help you to create hybrid, light volume, dramatic volume, and mega-volume styles that require fluffy and dense lashes in the least amount of time possible. High quality Korean PBT is guaranteed not to lose its' curl. We offer the lashes in single size trays.

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