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Rapid Premade Wispy Rapid Fans - mixed | 1050 fans

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Our new Rapid Pro-made Wispy fans are easy to use and very conveniently laid out on clear strips. Each organized box contains aprox.1000 narrow pointy/slim base fans. Pro-made with vegan Korean PBT material.

Perfect for the lash artist that has not mastered creating handmade volume fans. Rapid fans will save time and allow you to serve more clients per day adding to your bottom line. 

Each box contains mixed lengths from 9mm to 14mm. Most popular sizes such as 11mm, 12mm and 13mm are double amount with less 14mm.

In Curls C, CC, D

Each tray contains the following:

Mixed 9mm -14mm -5D  9mm 11 rows (165 fans), 10mm 11 rows (165 fans), 11mm 13 rows (195 fans), 12mm 13 rows (195 fans), 13mm 14 rows (210 fans), 14mm 8 rows (120 fans)

Mixed 9mm -14mm -7D  9mm 10 rows (180 fans), 10mm 10 rows (180 fans), 11mm 10 rows (180fans), 12mm 10 rows (180 fans), 13mm 10 rows (180 fans), 14mm 7 rows (126 fans)

How to use:

Simply lay strip on a silicone lash pad (or use double sided tape on a tile or the back of your hand). Make sure the strip sticks securely to the silicone pad. Then peel the fans from the strip at the base, dip in adhesive and attach to the natural lash!


  • Easy to use and will save you time prepping
  • High quality PBT Fiber, imported from Korea
  • Ensures standard curvature and curvature uniformity
  • Slim base/pointy base
  • Even & symmetrical
  • Quality control ensure bases are not twisted together
  • Narrow fans for the most dense look possible
  • Lightly attached to strip, no residue on the base
  • minimum glue used for best bonding results

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