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Experience the ultimate in lash extension adhesives with Lash Crack - our 1 second drying time adhesive is guaranteed to impress! With its superior retention and easy-to-remove formula, you can work faster without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to stickies. 

Lash Crack Eyelash Glue – 1 Second drying time!

  • Dries quickly allowing a faster application
  • It unsticks easily without pulling the extensions off the lash
  • A lot less stickies compared to other adhesive
  • The adhesive doesn’t stick to the eye pads
  • 1 second dry time in 20% humidity

Product details

Application last 6-8 weeks! Each 5g bottle produces approximately 150 drops. 

Lash Crack is water & oil-resistant!

The higher the humidity range the faster Lash Crack will dry! 

For best results

  • 5g bottle
  • Always shake for 1-2 minutes before each client. A glue shaker is always the best method.
  • Regulate the humidity to between 20-60% - stick with a chosen humidity daily. (Changing humidity repeatedly will cause adhesive to become thick and sticky).
  • Room temperate should be between 64°-77° F
  • Do not store with primer or pretreatment
  • Use within 2 months of purchase
  • Once opened best results will occur within 4 weeks.
  • Burp and clean glue nozzle after each use

PURE Adhesive

A new adhesive formulated to adapt to your environment! Drying time may be affected by humidity, the ideal humidity is 30%-70% with 1-3 seconds of dry time depending on humidity. Higher humidity results in faster dry times. Due to PURE'S special nozzle, it does not need to be shaken. The final cure time is 1 hour as opposed to traditional adhesives, so you do not have to use a nebulizer. Works well with Cure & Seal Bonder. This adhesive can be used for any type of lashing.

  • Fumes are low
  • Retention period of 6-8 weeks
  • You can adjust the drying time based on the conditions in your environment.
  • There is a six-week shelf life after opening
  • Irritation and odor are less than moderate
  • Ingredients derived from nature
  • Suitable for sensitive and non-sensitive clients
  • Additives free of harsh chemicals
  • FDA Approved Organic Black Carbon

Upon opening, the shelf life is six weeks, and when unopened, six months. Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight. After use, lightly squeeze the bottle and wipe off any remaining glue with an adhesive wipe. Ideally, adhesive should be stored upright in an airtight container with silica gel beads in an adhesive stash. Do not refrigerate, shake, or mix with other adhesives. No adhesive needle is necessary.


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