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Beginner Classic Training is a day and a half class.

Tuition: $650.00 

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Lash Savvy's training program is an invaluable professional tool in growing your clientele. Lash Savvy's superior training ensures that licensed professionals receive the practical instruction intended to increase lash extension wear-time and longevity, while maintaining the health of the natural lash. Lash Savvy has addressed the hardest challenge of lash extension training, which is proper isolation and separation of the eyelashes. Lash Savvy offers and teaches techniques and tips that can not only reduce lash application time, but ensures comfortable eyelash extensions for your clients. In addition, Lash Savvy's training program places special emphasis on theory, the science behind the application process, safety, sanitation, adhesive knowledge and advanced techniques that are known to enhance the bond in the application process. Lash Savvy products are the most current and finest quality available on the market. Lash Savvy offers eyelash application products and tools, retail products and assorted marketing materials to help you grow your business.

Your course will be taught by advanced master Lash Artists that have been trained by the best in the industry. Not only do they have the training behind them, all have worked in the industry for numerous years. They implement real life work experiences in the lash industry to their class instruction. Class sizes are kept small, typically four students to one teacher, to ensure every student gains valuable one on one time with the teacher each session. With hands on training and a lot of one to one attention. 

 Beginner Classic Class Syllabus

 A.  COURSE DESCRIPTION: Lash Savvy’s training program places special emphasis on theory, the science behind the application process, safety, sanitation, adhesive knowledge and advanced techniques that are know to enhance the bond in the application process.

 B.  METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: Theory, lecture/ Q&A for four hours. Applying extensions to a mannequin for one hour. Working on live model for three hours.


1.   Understanding Lash Savvy products and how they work. Including allergic reactions and irritations caused by cyanoacrylate use

2.    Proper application of Lash Savvy products to maintain proper lash health.


Lecture and Q&A 

  • Eyelash Anatomy
  • Eyelash Disorders
  • Three Phases of Eyelash Growth
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Eyelash Extension Curls & Lengths
  • Determining Lash Curl, Length and Design
  • Working Position and Prep
  • Allergic Reactions vs. Irritations
  • Our Products
  • Common Reason Lashes Fall Off
  • Aftercare & Marketing
  • Client Expectations
  • Record Keeping & Insurance
  • Isolating on Strip Lashes
  • Marketing and Retail

Practical  On live model  

  • Cleansing of the Natual Eyelashes
  • Eye Pad Application & Taping
  • Application Set –Up
  • Isolating the Natural Lash Savvy Corporation
  • Use of Adhesive in Adhesive Ring
  • Application of Eyelash Extensions
  • Curing Adhesives
  • Removal of Eyelash Extensions


The application of individual eyelash extensions is a very intricate procedure. There are three physical qualifications that you need to consider before signing up for a class. Understanding that these physical qualifications are important and necessary to be able to complete the training required to earn your eyelash extension certificate.

EYESIGHT Is your vision (far sightedness or near sightedness) correctable with glasses or mags? Do you have depth perception problems? Wearing glasses or mags will not compensate for depth perception issues. We highly recommend you have your vision checked for acuity and depth perception prior to taking a class. Vision problems can be problematic when applying eyelash extensions. Individual eyelash extensions are applied to one human eyelash and cannot touch another lash. You will be required to single out and isolate one human lash and see clearly if there is anything surrounding that lash. 

SPATIAL ABILITY Can you interpret and visualize the spatial relationship of one object to another? Applying eyelash extensions requires you to be able to understand and visualize the different angles that you can pick up and apply the eyelash extensions at in order to correctly attach the extensions. 

STEADY HANDS & DEXERITY You need to have extremely steady hands. You will be working around the eye with very sharp tweezers. Both hands will be needed, and you will be required to use your non dominant hand to isolate the natural lashes. You will be required to use your dominant hand to place one single lash extension perfectly on one natural human lash.

Lash Savvy's training will teach you everything you need to know about the application process. We focus on the theory behind the application, and the application process. We offer support after you train with us. Our goal is to make you one of the best eyelash extension stylist in the field. We not only want your extensions to look good, but to be technically correct and comfortable for the client. Safety is our number one priority as well as maintaining the health of your client's lashes.

You must be a patience person and have the willingness to make time to practice. If you don't have a place to practice or have a manager that will push you to take paying clients before your application is acceptable you may want to give us a call first before signing up for our class. Visualizing what is appropiate and flattering to the clients eyes is something Lash Savvy prides itself on in training. Most importantly our goal is for all candidates to want their application to be technically sound before venturing out in the field. Be Savvy. Be the Best. Be Lash Savvy!










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