Pre-Made Volume Fans - yes or no?

Pre-Made Volume Fans - yes or no?

Published by Lash Savvy on Jan 26th 2019

Many lash artists have spent numerous hours perfecting their VOLUME LASH skills. For some, the ability to create volume fans comes quickly after a few months of practicing. For others the struggle is real; very disappointing and frustrating. To learn and perfect technically correct volume fans is expensive and time-consuming. Lash Savvy's Pre-made Fans are the perfect solution to fill in the gap whether you have taken a Volume Class and are still working on your technical skills or if you've never taken a class. Let's face it; clients are asking for more and more fullness these days. In some demographics, it can be detrimental to your business if you cannot offer this highly desirable service. In some areas or cases, clients want volume but are unwilling to pay what they are worth for various reasons. For those customers, pre-made fans are perfect for hybrid sets and are as fast as applying single lashes.

Lash artists must be careful to follow the rules about overweighting and separation. Choosing the correct diameter and length is just as critical when applying pre-made fans as it is when applying hand made fans or single lashes. If used correctly you can create a beautiful set of healthy VOLUME LASHES with the use of pre-made fans. The benefits are that you can increase your fees, they are less time consuming for those just learning or who are not yet volume trained and you can give your clients a fuller look that they've been desiring.

Without a doubt, talented lash artists are creating amazing full sets of VOLUME LASHES that many can only admire. Many artists may have the clientele to charge a fee worthy of their time and skill level which makes hand making their fans worth the effort. It's understandable some are against or find using pre-mades undesirable. We all understand and appreciate the dedication, patience, and money it takes to get to that technical level!

However, what if you've taken a Volume Class and practiced for numerous months or even years and are perfectly skilled at hand making fans, but you don't enjoy it at all? What if your volume client is running late and you are slower at making your fans? What if the town you live in can't support the higher price of VOLUME LASHES, but the demand is there? What if you simply can't afford to take a Volume Class? The fact remains the need for volume isn't going away especially in the wake of MEGA VOLUME! Pre-made fans are the perfect solution to all of those scenarios! Adding pre-made fans to your lashing arsenal can give you options and drive creativity.

At the end of the day whether to use or not to use pre-made volume fans is your choice. It's our belief at Lash Savvy that they have a time and a place for anyone. As with all applications, maintaining the health of the natural lashes is always first and foremost!

Happy lashing!

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