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Product Description

This summer Lash Savvy has added the option to ship with a cold pack and signature required for an additional $3.75. If you do not choose this option we will not guarantee your adhesive and we will not offer replacements. Due to adhesives being shipped to front porches or outside mailboxes the quality of the adhesive can be compromised outside of our control. Please choose the Cold Pack and Signature Required option to protect and guarantee your adhesives.


The formula for BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive is based on the latest technological developments to come out of the field of wound-closure. When compared with traditional suturing techniques, studies have found that the use of n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate is a much safer and more functional alternative, not only in terms of time required to close a wound, but also in improving the cosmetic appearance of the wound while greatly reducing the chance of infection. Such findings lead the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve the use of n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate (Dermabond) as a suitable surgical adhesive as far back as 1998.

The formula for BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive is based heavily on this Dermabond technology, but with only a few minor scientific adaptations, it has been tailored for use in applying eyelash extensions. Containing more than 80% n-Butyl Cyanoacrylate, BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive is very safe to use while maintaining a gentleness that makes it the perfect choice for those who are prone to allergic reactions. The implied health benefits to the customer are obvious, but this also offers protection for the eyelash artists themselves, who can occasionally develop an allergy through extended exposure to normal glues and their fumes. This means that BioBOND Adhesive boasts an overall superior hold with unrivalled durability, while still providing a very safe, cost-effective alternative to its closest competitors.

Furthermore, BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash ExtensionAdhesive's inherent bacteriostatic properties prevent bacteria from growing, thereby lowering the risk of any eye infection. BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive has passed EU Cosmetic regulation EC 1223/2009 safety tests, nor does it contain HQ or Formaldehyde, making it the ultimate adhesive for the application of eyelash extensions. The formula of BioBOND Adhesive is patented.


Shelf life is 6 months from delivery if the product is stored at room temperature (< 25°C).

Once opened, it is recommended to store the adhesive in an air tight sealed bag with some silica gel as this will help to extend the shelf life. Recommended to replace 4-5 months after opening depending on how often the bottle has been used.




The application process for Classic Lashing with BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash Extension Adhesive is very similar to that of a normal strong adhesive with a medium viscosity. Push the lash into the BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue drop, slowly lifting the lash out of the adhesive. To ensure a quick, but secure adhesion, there should be two small glue bead on the root of the extension. Carefully stroke the glue beads onto the natural lash several times to transfer the glue and adjust the extension into the ideal position. The glue will cure as quickly as normal, fast curing glue. 


The lower lashes are extremely delicate and therefore require less glue for proper adhesion. The ideal technique is to slowly draw the lash sideways out of the glue drop, leaving a thin, even coating of adhesive on the extension; there should be no bulbs at all. Wipe any minimal excess onto a jade stone and you will end up with the perfect amount for a fast and strong adhesion. 


The texture of BioBOND glue is slightly too thick, and the curing time relatively slow for normal volume lashing, meaning you will need to use special technique to securely apply volume lashes: push the root of the volume lash fan into BioBOND Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue, then slowly draw the root out. Stroke several times on a jade stone to remove any excess glue, leaving only a thin coat. Wait for 2-3 seconds, allowing the glue to cure slightly in the air before applying the volume lash fan onto the natural lash. This will mean a slightly longer application time, but for clients with sensitive eyes, this is the only adhesive available to allow them to have volume lashes.

Product Reviews

  1. One word.... AMAZING!!!!

    Posted by Mindy P on May 12th 2018

    My client and I were on the verge of taking a break after lashing her for over 2 years :( I was using all the same supplies and her last couple of fill appointments, she started developing a sensitivity, her eyes would start watering the entire service, her eyes were slightly itchy puffy, uncomfortable for 2-3 days, I took all the precautions during her next appointment, nanomisting every 15 min, checking the eyepad & tape placement, no talking, everything and she was still uncomfortable for days after her appointment. I told her we will try one more thing, and I bought Biobond! It was amazing she did not have ANY reactions!! We were so excited that we didn’t have to take a break :)

  2. Great for sensitive clients! Easy to work with, great retention!!!

    Posted by Brenda Bachman on Apr 28th 2017

    Have used Bio sensitive on a handful of my sensitive clients and all have reported no irritation. The bonus is that they have now all come back for their fills and have had great retention!!! It is easy to work with and fast drying. My go to for sensitive clients!!!

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