Lash Perming (Lifts)


Sometimes clients don’t want or can’t have eyelash extensions whether it's a time constrain or allergy to extensions - as a Lash Artist we still want to deliver! Being able to perform a service that everyone seems to be obsessing over will add to your bottom line.

Lash Savvy will teach you everything you need to know about perming products to effectively curl, set and condition natural lashes.

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      What to expect in Refectocil Lash Lift product training:

  • Two Demos
  • Learn about perm/lift ingredients and how they work
  • Learn about neutralizers and how they work
  • How to time Step #1 and #2 depending on the client's natural lashes
  • Proper rod sizes to use
  • Relaxing the curl 
  • Lash rehab 



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