Lash Lift & Brow Glue Balm

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Lash Savvy's new Lash Lift and Brow Glue Balm is the newest and easiest way to hold those lash and brows for lifting and lamination.Glue Balm will provide deep hydration to the lashes and brows. Glue Balm will make the service faster and lash lifts will become a breeze! Glue Balm is formulated without any harsh ingredients so you can safely apply it to the lash line without causing any irritation.

  • You can easily place lashes on the perm pad and still comb through to straighten out.
  • Will not leave a sticky residue
  • Very quick setting without ever fully drying out.
  • Is water soluble and easy to wash off after step 2
  • Up to 80 applications
  • 12 month expiration date 
  • Use Lash Glue Balm instead of tradition stringy lash lift glue.

Directions for use for Lash Lift:

-Use a micro applicator to apply and stick lashes to the silicone pad. Y-tools work well with Glue Balm.

-When applying Step #1 make sure not to apply to the tips of the lashes, otherwise the Glue Balm will dissolve and lead to the lashes falling off the pad.

-Adding a narrow strip of tape to hold the tips of the lashes to the pad after applying Step #1 is recommended.

-Use warm water after Step #2 to wash away any remaining Glue Balm.

Directions for Brows or Brow Lamination:

Use instead of Brow Soap or Lash Lift Glue.

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