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Quality Products and Quality Training is a Must


We've all seen it a hundred times. You notice a new client in your schedule and she's booked for 2-week maintenance appointment. Yet you've never seen her before! The anxiety of this situation should make any successful Lash Stylist nervous enough to call the new client and ask a few key questions. Where did you last have your lashes done? Do you know what products were used? We all know the "bad" places to go in our area. Unfortunately, seasoned lashers hear this scenario over and over again. Why are there so many Lash Stylists doing such poor quality work? Is it lack of practice before they start charging? Did they receive sub-par training without support? Or, is it a combination of both?


Products: You want high quality products. Adhesive should be fresh. Lash Savvy orders smaller amounts every month to preserve shelf life for our customers. Lash extensions should not straighten after applied. Extensions should never crimp or stretch when you are removing them individually from the strip.

Training: Just because you train with one of the larger well known companies, doesn't guarantee you will get excellent training. Its really hard to know what you are getting if you don't know the questions to ask. Lash Savvy trainers have all been successful lash stylists and have years of experience. Not to mention numerous hours of continued education within the lash industry. They are passionate about the quality of work their students will put out there!

  • Very important emphasis on cross-contamination and sterilization
  • Ability to teach 100% isolation
  • Proper application involves all bases being attached, lashes on straight, correct lash length and diameter
  • No excess adhesive. Excessive adhesive creates "glue balls" or "mushroom caps" at the base of the lashes
  • Demonstrates and places great importance on vertical and horizontal separation so that lashes are not adhered to one another
  • Has extensive knowledge about how adhesives work and cure
  • Proper knowledge of irritation vs. inflammation and allergic reactions in regards to lash extensions and how to properly address each situation

Even with quality products and expert training your lash business will not flourish unless you become proficient in the practice of proper lash application.  Improper application that  causes your clients discomfort, itching, and possibly worse, loss of lashes. This will leave you frustrated and on a never ending merry-go-round of new or short-term clients. Women want lashes. The market is HUGE, but only for those willing to take the time, effort and energy to become an expert at proper lash application and client care.